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Dental Implant Bridge Treatment in Hyderabad

Just as with one missing tooth, several missing teeth can be easily treated with dental implants. Implant supported teeth bridge are permanently fixed in the mouth, unlike removable appliances like partial or a full dentures — They don’t slip or click, and there is no worry about them moving or falling out while speaking, eating, or participating in activities. And because dental implants are placed directly into the bone, they help preserve the jawbone and prevent bone deterioration. Dental implants supported dental bridges look, feel, and function like natural teeth, and can last a lifetime.

At Smile Care Dental Hospitalwe welcome people looking for Dental Implant Supported Porcelain Ceramic or Zirconia metal free Dental Bridge work, for there Missing teeth replacement option.

We offer Immediate Loading Immediate Function Implant systems to our patients so that they can have an Implant Bridge within 24 to 36 hrs time.

Different types of Implant Bridges we offer are –

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal.
  • All Ceramic – Full Porcelain.

Zirconia Metal free Dental Bridges.

At Hyderabad Dental Center, Qualified patients receive their implants and beautiful new teeth all in the same day – also called as same day implant. We can do this because we have all the specialists at one location, we use patients 3D C.T. Scan for treatment planning, we have a dental lab to manufacture and fit your new teeth, and we use the latest in Immediate Function implant technique and protocols in India.

All our implant surgeries are done under strict sterilization and sedation to minimize any pain or discomfort.

All our dental implants are CE and ADA certified.

Benefits of Dental Implant Bridge:

  • Strong & stable (tightly fixed) solution for your missing teeth space.
  • A secure solution that lets you eat what you want.
  • The only fixed alternative in situation where gaps at the rear end or where there are no natural teeth available for fixed bridge abutment support.
  • Gives better strength and stability than dentures.
  • Preserves your facial appearance and prevents dental bone loss.
  • Gives a nice natural smile.
  • Offers a long-lasting solution, often for life.
  • Renewed confidence and improved quality of life as well.
  • No more caries for dental implant.
  • Save adjacent teeth. Prevents bone loss of existing teeth and its drifting into surrounding space of the missing teeth.
  • Correct an altered bite.

At our Dental Implants Treatment Clinic in India, the procedure for getting a single tooth replaced with dental implant + crown — needs maximum four visits.

You could be able to do your normal routine work a day after dental implant surgery. The tooth replacement treatment described here is one of the many options we have at our Implant clinic in India. Our Implant Dentist Dr. V . Vijaya M.D.S will advise you on the best dental treatment solution for you, after examining your dental condition and individual needs.

1st visit : Dental Consultation, Examination and X-Rays.

Dental Consultation, Examination and X-RaysWe will do examination and will take your x – rays. We will study your x – ray and will check the feasibility for a dental implant supported fixed dental bridge and tell you all other alternative treatment procedures you can have.
Simultaneous treatments that may improve appearance — function and your dental health will be discussed.
Duration – 20 to 30 minutes.

2nd visit : Installing the Dental Implant.

Installing the Dental Implant.We will make the area numb and the Implants will be inserted in the jaw bone.
At this stage, if Conventional Dental Implants are done, a healing abutment or cover screw is placed on implant and left for about 2 to 3 months to integrate with the jawbone before the next step is taken.
If Immediate Loading Dental Implants are done, the temporary crown is loaded onto the implant at the same time.
Duration – 30 to 60 minutes.

3rd visit : dental impressions and trials.

We confirm that implants are integrated well with your bone, abutment will be fixed to the implants and final impressions for making your dental bridge are taken.
Dental technician will check the shade for your tooth and the other relations at the trial stage. Once things are all correct the dental bridge is sent to the lab for final finishing.
Duration – 30 minutes.


4th visit : Bridge placement.

The bridge will be inserted and cemented well in place. All esthetics will be checked.
Now your implant with dental bridge will feel and functions like your own natural teeth. Do your usual dental hygiene to keep the tooth and gum around it clean and healthy.
Duration – 30 minutes.


In the past, traditional tooth supported fixed porcelain dental bridges have been the primary method for replacing several missing teeth. However, using a fixed porcelain bridge has several drawbacks :

  • The bridge must be supported by adjacent healthy teeth crown, which must be ground down and capped. These capped teeth then are used to support the bridge across the space where the teeth are missing. The capped teeth are weakened in the process due to enamel loss, and often fail over time, creating more dental problems.
  • The dental bridges usually do not address the problem of bone loss. The bone in the area where the teeth are missing will continue to deteriorate and eventually cause other problems.
    Some spans of missing teeth are too large to be treated with a dental bridge.
  • Most dental bridges last from 5-7 years before needing to be replaced.

Dental implants are placed directly into the bone where the teeth are missing, and do not involve the adjacent healthy teeth. Dental implants also prevent or reduce the further loss of bone, and can last a lifetime.

Implant Supported Bridges Vs Partial dentures.

  • Another traditional approach of treating multiple missing teeth has been to use partial dentures for long. These are appliances made of acrylic and metal that clip to adjacent healthy teeth in order to fill the gaps created by missing teeth.
  • Partial dentures are much more cosmetic than they are functional, and they still often lead to embarrassment. People who wear partial dentures say they are often reluctant to smile, laugh or even speak in public because they are afraid their denture may slip, or that the wires may show.
  • Partial dentures can greatly impact your ability to eat what you like, especially in public.
    Most people do not like the feeling of metal and plastic in their mouths.
  • Just like bridges, dentures do nothing to prevent loss of bone in the jaw.
  • Most people tolerate dentures because they think they have no other viable options.

Dental implants are a better solution. They are fixed in place, do not move, and eliminate the need to worry about your teeth.

They are the closest thing possible to natural teeth. People with dental implants say they look better, feel better, and have more confidence. And they can finally eat what they want, and participate in all the activities they desire. It’s not uncommon to hear the comment “I feel like I got my life back!”

Implant Bridge procedure can be done in one day!

For more details and best price offers for your implant treatment from Smile Care Dental Hospitals kindly contact us or please fill our patient enquiry form.