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Restore Lost Teeth with Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Severely damaged dentition with several or all teeth missing can impair life. It can curb the enjoyment of eating or interacting. Full mouth rehabilitation is the answer for such complex dental problems. This process combines a number of restorative dental treatments for reconstructing or reshaping the lost and decayed teeth. Only a team of professional, accredited and qualified dentists can bring around best results for you.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full Mouth Rehabilitation hyderabadFull mouth rehabilitation is a combination of restorative dental treatments to rebuild lost teeth and restore oral health optimally. This is the most effective approach for reclaiming the functional integrity of teeth enabling patients to eat, speak and smile confidently. This treatment helps in the restoration of both the form and function of your teeth. Full mouth rehabilitation is performed by restorative dentists to return the aesthetic beauty of your teeth, enhancing the attractiveness of your smile. A number of intensive and extensive restorative procedures are part of this dental treatment.

What are the Dental Procedures for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Experienced dentists examine the condition of patient’s mouth carefully before recommending full mouth rehabilitation and chalking out a treatment plan. The procedures required for full mouth rehabilitation depends on the condition of every individual patient. Following are the essential treatments that are usually a part of full mouth rehabilitation.

  • Dental Implants: A long-lasting and durable solution to lost teeth, dental implants preserve your jaw bone structure and stop further deterioration of the dental structure. Dental implants are the replacement for roots of teeth for the crown to be fitted on top. Smile Care Dental Hospital has the leading implantologist in India for taking care of your dental implant requirements.
  • Dental Fillings: Chipped and broken tooth can be restored to aesthetically pleasing and functional condition with the help of dental fillings. A quality dental filling cannot be distinguished from the natural colour of teeth. Porcelain and composite resin are preferred choices of dental filling that offer desirably long-lasting results.
  • Dental Crowns: custom-crafted, beautifully designed dental crowns are shaped just like natural teeth. Dental crowns offer an ideal solution for lost, highly damaged and cavity sunken teeth. At Smile Care Dental Hospital zirconium crowns are used for their strength and translucent look.
  • Veneers: They improve the appearance of damaged teeth, make them more functional and prevent injury. Veneers are customized, tooth coloured shells that cover the existing tooth. They are often used to fully revive the vigour and utility of tooth.
  • Dental Bridges: When several teeth are missing in a row, dentists opt for dental bridge treatment. It bridges the gap formed by loss of teeth. Dental bridges comprise two or more crowns and false teeth. It helps in restoring your smile to great extent.
  • Inlays and Onlays: Inlays and onlays repair chewing surfaces of teeth that get damaged because of a cavity or cavities.

Who Needs Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

  • People who have lost multiple or all teeth due to age or trauma or disease
  • People whose teeth have become too worn because of bone loss

Advantages of Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

  • Regaining self-confidence
  • Improvement of overall oral health
  • Treats occlusion problems
  • Remedies dental health problems like gingivitis, plaque, tooth decay, injury

Why Choose Smile Care Dental Hospital for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Smile Care Dental Hospital is a highly esteemed dental hospital based in Hyderabad with exceptional proficiency in full mouth rehabilitation treatment. Along with experienced restorative dentists we also have implantologists of remarkable track-record. We skillfully combine restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures for offering patients healthy, natural and functional set of teeth.