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Enjoy Optimal Oral Health with Advanced Gum Treatments

Gum Treatment in HyderabadDental care is not just about teeth. Maintaining the health of the gum is equally important. Pinkish, undamaged gum is vital for oral health. Unhealthy and diseased gums can cause dental cavities and bad breath. Correct diagnosis and treatment at the right time by learned periodontist can stop gum diseases from spreading further. Smile Care Dental Hospital is one of the leading names in Hyderabad when it comes to advanced gum treatments. The gum treatments offered at our facility are listed below.

Curettage and Root Planning:

  • Curettage and root planning are essential periodontal therapy for curing gum infection. If not treated gum infection can lead to loss of teeth.
  • This treatment prevents gum infection from weakening the teeth and jawbone around it. In the curettage procedure, the inflamed part of gum tissue is removed from the side of periodontal pockets.
  • Curettage eliminates subgingival deposits, helps in gingival shrinkage and promotes the attachment of new connective tissue.
  • Root planning procedure is used for smoothening rough spots at the root of teeth structure. It removes the calculus deposits.
  • If root planning is not done the rough spots at the root will keep accumulating harmful bacteria that cause gum infection.


  • Periodontists often recommend gingivectomy for severe gum disease or periodontitis.
  • Gum infection can make the gum tissue detach from teeth, creating pockets. Such deep pockets collect bacteria and plaque which are hard to clean without gingivectomy.
  • Gingivectomy is performed to get rid of the infected gum tissue located around the patient’s teeth.
  • It also helps in removing the pockets formed between the teeth and gum.
  • In this procedure, local anesthetic is applied to numb the gum first so that patients don’t feel any pain or discomfort.
  • This treatment heals gum disease before it damages the bone supporting the teeth structure
    Gingivectomy is traditionally done using a scalpel.
  • At advanced dental facilities, a laser is used for minimally invasive gingivectomy. Use of laser reduces the bleeding and quickens the healing process.

Crown Lengthening:

  • Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure by qualified periodontists to reshape the structure of gums and expose more tooth surface.
  • This procedure is done to enhance the size of teeth above the gums line.
  • When tooth is decayed, crown lengthening is conducted to increase the size of visible tooth for performing restorative dental procedures.
  • It is also a corrective treatment for gummy smile.
  • Crown lengthening has to be performed under local anesthesia.
  • The existing gum area is contoured and given a better shape in the process.

Gum Depigmentation:

  • Smoking, intense melanin deposit, and genetics are some of the reasons behind dark gums.
  • Dark or discoloured gums are treated with gum depigmentation treatment to restore the healthy, pinkish tone and enhance the beauty of your smile.
  • Patients are opting for painless laser gum depigmentation also known as gum bleaching for reviving gaining the confidence of smiling and conversing. Smile Care Dental Hospital is a renowned destination for best laser gum treatment like this.

Why Choose Smile Care Dental Hospital for Gum Treatments?

Smile Care Dental Hospital has gained eminence in offering a vast range of highly effective gum treatments with precision. we have renowned periodontist Dr Vijaya M.D.S for taking care of your gums. We are also among the few dental facilities with expertise in laser gums treatment in Hyderabad.