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Keyhole Flapless Implants Treatment in Hyderabad
No incisions …….No sutures ……no post-operative swelling, even in full-arch cases…

During the last 5 to 10 years — dental implant placement surgery has progressed considerably. Previously dental implants placed by raising a surgical mucoperiosteal ( gums ) flap and that use to cause a number of complications of concern such as gum tissue recession, crestal bone loss, and scarring at gum line.

At Dr. V. Vijaya, Smile Care Dental Hospital, in India — with the latest advance dental implant technologies & techniques of surgery, they now place implants with flapless technology. These new Flapless implant placement techniques can be broadly divided in to unaided flap less implant placement procedure or guided flapless implant placement technique.

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Dr. V . Vijaya M.D.S widely uses & promotes advance minimal invasive keyhole flapless dental Implant surgery in their dentistry practice, especially to people who are coming to Smile Care Dental Hospitalfrom other cities of India and other countries exclusively for this procedure as it provides numerous benefits, such as

  • Decreased or minimal trauma to soft tissue during surgery,
  • Short recovery time,
  • Very less pain,
  • Reduced rate of infection,
  • Beneficial technique for diabetic & hypertensive patients,
  • Immediate Loading of permanent prosthesis,
  • Improved patient compliance.

Full mouth Immediate Loading Immediate Function Dental Implant Treatment with us.

For appropriate cases, we at Smile Care Dental Hospitaloffer our patient’s immediate loading immediate function treatment, we are one of the first in India to Introduce Keyhole Basal dental implant – where a temporary dental bridge is fabricated at onsite lab after the surgery procedure and is attached on the same day when they are placed. No more waiting for the implants to integrate before getting their bridge!

Within next 24 to 48 hrs we provide our patients Porcelain fused to metal or Zirconia Metal Free crowns on there implants…