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Make Your Smile More Attractive with Efficient Smile Designing

A smile comprising perfectly shaped, white teeth and pinkish gum is more appealing than anything else. Such a lovely smile can be your reality too with effective smile designing. The advancement of cosmetic dentistry has led to the creation of this innovative treatment. It helps in correcting the flaws in your teeth and gums for improving the quality of smile.

What is Smile Designing?

Smile designing or smile makeover is a combination of various cosmetic dentistry procedures for transforming defected smiles into dazzling ones. It is aimed to improve different aspects of the teeth and gum to finally enable you to have a healthy and appealing smile. This treatment addresses a number of problems faced by patients like missing tooth, gummy smile, shape, alignment and colour of teeth.

What is the Procedure of in Smile Designing?

Smile designing involves a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Usually, more than one cosmetic dentistry techniques are combined according to a patient’s specific needs to bring desired results.

Dental Veneers: Irregular, broken, chipped and cracked teeth are given a more aesthetically pleasing appearance with the help of dental veneers. Dental veneers are wafer-thin, customized shells made of porcelain that covers the unsightly teeth and makes them stronger for functionality as an added advantage. The veneers are made in a dental laboratory after taking the imprint of the patient’s teeth.

Composite Bonding: This is a solution for chipped, broken, cracked or stained teeth. In this cosmetic procedure, the tooth coloured composite resin is applied on the damaged spots to hide the flaws. Cosmetic dentists sculpt the composite skillfully so that they look like natural tooth surface.

Dental Implants: This is one of the best cosmetic dentistry options used for a smile makeover. This procedure is required for replacing the root of lost or severely damaged teeth. Dental implants make it easier to fit dental crowns shaped like natural teeth. At Smile Care Dental Hospital professional and experienced implantologist apply dental implant techniques with unmatched skill and precision for a gorgeous, healthy-looking smile.

Teeth Whitening: Stained and yellowed teeth look unattractive, curbing the beauty of smile. Teeth-whitening is the most popular and in-demand cosmetic dentistry service for smile makeover. In this procedure first, the plaque, tartar and accumulated debris are removed. Teeth whitening gel consisting hydrogen peroxide is applied under the dentist’s supervision to bleach the teeth obtaining a lighter colour for it. Advanced dental practices are using a laser for quickening the action of the whitening gel.

Crown Lengthening: In case the patient has a gummy smile where the better part of the teeth is covered with gums, the crown lengthening technique is applied. It is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthetic. The gum is reshaped to expose more teeth surface, lengthening the crown for astonishingly improved smiles.

Who Needs Smile Designing?

  • People dissatisfied with their smile and appearance.
  • Those who have lost multiple teeth due to trauma, disease, genetics or age.
  • Those who have suffered from various dental health issues like cavities and infection.
  • Those who has gap between teeth.
  • Those who have stained or yellowed teeth.

What are the Advantages of Smile Designing?

  • Healthy and beautiful smile
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Correcting the flaws in teeth and gum

Why Choose Smile Care Dental Hospital for Smile Designing?

Smile Care Dental Hospital is a renowned name in offering advanced smile designing services. We blend knowledge of cosmetic dentistry with cutting-edge technologies for creating astonishingly beautiful smiles. Our team of cosmetic dentists and world-renowned implantologist design smiles giving priority to the patient’s preferences.