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Surgical Gum Treatments Hyderabad

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Surgical Gum Treatments Hyderabad

Guided Tissue Regeneration Treatment Procedure is a more advanced technique, that utilities a barrier membrane which is placed under the gum and over the remaining bone called guided tissue regeneration, is used to replace or stimulate bone and gum tissue destroyed by periodontitis.

  • A specialized piece of fabric is sewn around the tooth to cover the crater in the bone left after cleaning.
  • The fabric prevents the gum tissue from growing down into the bone defect and allows the bone and the attachment to the root to regenerate.

Tissue Regeneration Treatment

In Bone Grafting Treatment Procedure, we will attempt to encourage re-growth and restoration of bone tissue that has been lost through the progress of gum disease.

This involves bone grafting:

  • The Dental surgeon places bone graft material into the defect.
  • The material may be either bone from the same patient or a substance called decalcified freeze-dried bone allograft (DFDBA) which is obtained from a donor.
  • This material then stimulates new bone growth in the area.

Surgical Gum Treatments Hyderabad