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Once at the hospital, we have a dedicated and exclusive staff member to help you medically and personally. This dedicated staff member will help you schedule your most convenient appointment, track your medical care, and every possible hospital matters that may come up—from admission to administration, which are all managed through a single window. We are keen that your stay in India is worthy of a divinity.
For us, a patient is a person, a very special person as we said above. So we harness technology to make our relationship richer and more satisfying for you. So our personalised attention begins even when you are at home. We use video conferencing. We want you to feel that you are talking to a dedicated doctor, not just into the mouthpiece of a handset. Thus, you can meet our dental expert who will answer your queries face-to-face and also take you through the first steps of your initial treatment.
Our hospital believes that affordable and expert treatment is everyone’s right. As compared to most countries, medical treatment in India is cheaper by anywhere between 60% and 80%. And all that for an uncompromising, world-class treatment. Yes—that is First World treatment and expertise at nearly throwaway prices.
Treatment done, a period of rest and holiday begins—the best coup de grace imaginable! Our relationship does not end with the treatment. We would like to take your experience of life to higher levels—sensuously and spiritually. That is right—the colours, smells, sounds and sensuousness in India is unique and unequalled. This is tourism on adrenaline in one continuous epiphany! Our incredible India offers a continuous unbroken history of nearly 4000 years and a modern world that is exploring the final frontier, space. The traditional and modern match each other vying for your attention. We can assist you in: Reserving Hotel/Resort Accommodation Planning your travel to the best destinations right after your treatment is done. Arranging your travel by air/rail/road Assisting you with a local guide who is well-trained in hospitality from the time we pick you up to the time we drop you off Touring the city of Hyderabad post Day One of your post-treatment. Here we provide you help in sightseeing with visits to historic monuments and museums. We will book your choice of theme parks, theatres, and shopping malls. When you choose to dine, we will show you the best Hyderabad has to offer in cuisine—Indian, Continental, Chinese.If it is in Hyderabad, we will take you there. If you wish to go out, we will arrange a taxi for you. Solving your currency problems by our Forex people If you wish to spend 2 Days or More Tour and Sight Seeing Around Hyderabad, we will arrange: Booking in Hotels/resorts/homestays or any other kind of accommodation available Offering our services in helping you plan a South Indian vacation of all the five States, from holy places like Tirupathi in Telangana State to boathouses in Kerala Helping you get a local number to save money over international calls Foreign exchange will not be a problem
Our Hospital is proud of its doctors who have an international experience and education. Some of them have memberships such as the Associate Fellow of American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). They have a vast and varied experience in treating any dental problem with the most modern equipment and methods—be refilling the teeth or dental implants. Super-specialists head each department, and meticulous care goes into each step of the treatment.
We want our patients to make the best use of their list to India and we therefore, offer packages for the entire Family. These are carefully planned to offer better deals through greater savings and the for best treatment money can buy. Yes, we go beyond the individual patient.
We wish to make your stay in India completely tension-free. Towards this end, we offer help on issues like obtaining a visa, booking tickets, staying in our Hospital in all the comfort we can offer. We continue on with this personal attention for you with help in your sightseeing trips, as we mentioned earlier. We will pick you up from the airport, and we will you drop you back there.
Our guides are proficient in different languages and communicating will never be your problem. They will help you deal with any situation. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable, they are ever eager to help your stay here will be guaranteed to be memorable.
We leave no stone unturned for our customers and we offer the most convenient ways to make the payment—cash or card or internet banking will do just fine.
We have an exclusive International Patient Services who will gladly advise you on every matter that concerns your stay—treatment package, visa assistance, hotel reservations—you name it in the context of your visit and it is done in a jiffy.
We wish to be as budget friendly as possible. So here are our doctors and international staff to weigh the best package of treatment and travel for you. Just give us a call. We can even video chat. That way, you come to us with vision as clear as on a bright sunny day.
We want to put your mind at ease when we come to hygiene and standards in our Smile Care Dental Hospital. It is simply state-of-the-art facilities at any given time. The health of our patients is not something we would compromise on for anything.